We believe
policyholders should settle for better.

We have boots on the ground and team members nearby ready to help with storms nationwide

Our team of insurance claim advocates are located nationwide to ensure you receive the help you need after your property is damaged by a storm. We make the insurance claim process as easy as possible, and don’t worry,  we work on a contingency basis. Meaning if we do not recover insurance proceeds, you pay us nothing. We get paid when you get paid. 

Property Damage Insurance Claim Help

Insurance claims are complicated, but doing what’s best for our clients is not. We started C3 Group because we knew there was a better way to settle property insurance claims. Where people come first, objective data matters, and doing the right thing is expected.

National property damage insurance claims

Insurance claim advocates nationwide

It is important when hiring a Public Adjuster that is qualified to represent your loss. The first and most important step in ensuring they are the best to represent your claim is by verifying they are licensed and working in your state. 

Our insurance claim experts deliver people-centered service and property claim support in 34 states. *

  • Arizona
  • California 
  • Colorado  
  • Florida     
  • Georgia
  • Idaho         
  • Illinois       
  • Indiana
  • Iowa         
  • Kansas   
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana *  
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico     
  • North Carolina   
  • North Dakota   
  • Ohio     
  • Oklahoma        
  • Pennsylvania 
  • South Carolina 
  • South Dakota 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas             
  • Utah           
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 
  • Wisconsin 
  • Wyoming

* C3 Group’s Public Adjusting services vary in Louisiana due to state law.