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Agriculture Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Restore your structures, facilities, crops, livestock, and business operations with the honesty and expertise of a public adjuster that understands the complexities of farm claims.

Why hire a public adjuster?

Protect your livelihood when filing an Agriculture Storm Damage Insurance Claim.

Agricultural insurance claims are possibly some of the most complex and confusing claims to handle. Not only can you experience damage to physical structures and facilities, but also to animals and crops that are hugely important to your production and revenue. Add to that potential business interruption expenses, slashes to your labor force and lost markets. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to uncover every element of damage and get recover what is owed under your insurance policy.


Million average claim size


Average claim increase


Faster claim resolution*

*For claims handled by C3 Group prior to being filed.

**All numbers represent averages over the last three years.

Not the same-old settlement approach

You can’t trust a public adjuster. At least not one that tosses random numbers to the insurance company and drags out your claim in the process. We handle your claim with full transparency and accuracy from start to finish. *

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Let’s work together

* C3 Group’s Public Adjusting services vary in Louisiana due to state law.

* C3 Group’s Public Adjusting services vary in Louisiana due to state law.