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Do you embrace our company's core values?

At C3 Group, we have defined a clear set of principles that govern our company’s culture, the way we serve our clients, and the industry as a whole.  These values allow us to grow professionally and personally to foster the very best environment for high-level execution. We agree together, every day, to allow the process of committing to these values, which create our unified voice, and decisions that affect the very fabric of this company with regard to personnel, growth opportunities, and who we decide to do business with. This will govern where we focus our attention and who we give our time. 


Building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and industry professionals is essential to how we define ourselves. We treat all those we encounter with respect, compassion, and honesty to foster a people-first environment where consistent and transparent communication is of the highest priority. 

C3 Group is defined not only by how we work with our customers and industry professionals but also by how we work with each member of our team. We treat all those we encounter with respect, compassion, and honesty. Truth and accuracy drive each and every relationship, and we foster a people-first environment by maintaining consistent communication.


It is imperative for us to pay fanatical attention to detail and allow facts and objective data to back any claim or decision we make for our customers. This core value has played a significant role in the success of C3 Group. Our data-driven product and finite review of all facts throughout our processes and reports are what set us apart. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to our attention for accurate data.


C3 Group representatives must lead both inside of C3 and in the industry with humility. We will show through our work product our abilities while remaining humble in our accomplishments. Humility for C3 is about the focus on how we affect those we interact with along the way but remaining confident in our abilities to provide a product that is unmatched in our industry.


Results for our customers are the central focus of our team’s daily commitment to success. Our proven process and understanding of the claims process, and our preemptive action strategy allows us to address common pitfalls and stay steps ahead to provide our customers with desirable and speedy results. We are determined that our brand will resonate a results-driven and data-backed experience with our customers, other industry professionals, and insurance representatives.