Colorado Springs, Co., and surrounding areas saw significant hail damage from baseball size hail and flash flood storms on the evening of June 21st, 2023.

Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, and Pueblo areas all saw severe storms with 2.5″ to 3″ hail and flooding on I-25 at Exit 110. The Northeastern areas of Colorado experienced lightning, wind bursts, heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes. The Southeast area of Colorado Springs, including communities such as Security, Fountain, Widefield, and Hanover, experienced heavy rain, hail, and intense lightning.

Although extensive damage has occurred to properties in these areas, the most significant damage was to the attendees of the Louis Tomlinson concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. According to the West Metro Fire Rescue’s Twitter posting, 80 to 90 people received on-site treatment for injuries from bruising and lacerations to broken bones. Seven people even required hospitalized with more serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Our team’s thoughts go out to those that were injured, and we pray for each of you a speedy recovery.


What Type Of Damage Can Hail Cause?

Hail of all sizes can cause property damage. Per the NOAA, 1-inch hail travels between 9 and 25 MPH, and 2-inch hail can fall at a speed of up to 40 MPH. Storms producing hail are typically accompanied by high winds and/or extreme rainfall. Therefore, damage that impacts buildings due to a hailstorm can have multiple types of damage due to the storm. This increases the complexity of an insurance claim and should be navigated by someone who understands how to evaluate the damage to prove the loss properly.

It is imperative to note that even “smaller” hail can still impact your property. HERE is a video of how even 1.00″ hail can damage a tile roof.

Hail damage looks different based on the impacted building materials, and it is crucial to have someone inspect the damage that understands and knows how to assess the specific material types on your property properly. For instance, the proper assessment of commercial roofing materials such as TPO, EPDM, or metal roofing differs significantly from that of a typical residential roofing material like asphalt shingles.

If your property has been impacted by hail, it is crucial to ensure that your public adjuster, contractor, or insurance-provided adjuster specializes in your property type and/or materials.


Should I File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage?

If hail hits your property, having a professional evaluate the damage is always a good idea. A proper inspection and damage assessment can help you determine when damage has occurred before filing a potentially frivolous claim. When filing your claim, you should have all the facts to present at the time of filing so that you are setting the appropriate expectations for your insurance carrier. In doing this, you are not only allowing them to assign the appropriate adjuster to your claim but also setting your claim up for success and an expedited process. Remember, it is your responsibility to prove your property sustained damage!

Read more about why you should have your roof inspected following a hailstorm. 



A public adjuster is a licensed professional who works on behalf of the policyholder to help them navigate the insurance claims process. They are experts in evaluating property damage and assessing the cost of repairs or replacement. They can also help policyholders understand their insurance policy and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that they receive a fair settlement. A public adjuster’s responsible for building a claims package and providing evidence to the insurance company detailing the damages and advocating on the property owner’s behalf.  [Learn more about claims packages and how to expedite the claim process HERE].



Our team is comprised of an incomparable investigations team of certified Level 3 Xactimate estimators and Public Adjusters with experience handling some of the most complex insurance claims. Each team member is committed to putting people first, ensuring every question is answered, and an open line of communication is in place throughout the process. We value transparency to ensure all of our clients know exactly what to expect and are involved in any decisions or issues that may arise. Our team prides itself on producing a proven work product based on our fanatical attention to detail and data-driven results. This allows our work product to speak for itself, eliminating many carrier arguments from the beginning of the claim process to a quick and accurate settlement.

Policyholders should not have to simply settle when it comes to their property damage insurance claims. We believe they should Settle For Better.


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