Large hail, extreme winds, possible tornadoes, and even flooding ravaged the Northern Texas area on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Three states and 244 cities were affected with some areas seeing up to 4-inch hail.

The damage from these storms pummeled the Dallas, Fort Worth area leaving behind immense commercial property damage. Much of the damage will require immediate repairs to be made.

The National Severe Storms Lab [NSSL] evaluates that the size of a hailstone determines the speed in which they fall. The larger the hailstone, the faster it falls, estimating that hail over 4 inches in diameter can fall at speeds of up to or even greater than 100 mph.

Commercial property claims of this magnitude require proper representation to ensure the claim is being handled correctly to result in a proper final settlement with the least amount of obstacles possible.


When hail hits your property it is always a good idea to have a professional evaluate the damage. Having a proper inspection and damage assessment can help you determine when damage has occurred before filing a potentially frivolous claim. When filing your claim, you should have all the facts to present at the time of filing so that you are setting the appropriate expectations for your insurance carrier. In doing this, you are not only allowing them to assign the appropriate adjuster to your claim, but you are ultimately setting your claim up for success and an expedited process. Remember it is your responsibility to prove the damage! 

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We wouldn’t recommend you hire just any public adjuster, but, it is a good idea to get a licensed and experienced public adjuster involved as soon as possible when your property has sustained extensive damage. Insurance companies and contractors are the first to get inundated with insurance claims, and oftentimes, your claim details will slip through the cracks. With a claim advocate representing your claim, you can be sure that every detail is accounted for. Every ‘t’ is crossed, and ‘i’ is dotted.

When choosing a public adjusting firm, do your due diligence to be sure they are qualified to represent the specifics of your loss. 

  • Verify their license
  • Ask for references
  • Ask if they carry insurance
  • Ask about their process
  • Review similar claims to yours they’ve worked
  • Ask if they contract out their estimates or if it is handled in house
  • Ask if they are Xactimate certified 



Our team is comprised of an incomparable investigations team of certified Level 3 Xactimate estimators and Public Adjusters with experience handling some of the most complex insurance claims. Each member of our team is committed to putting people first, making sure every question is answered, and an open line of communication is in place throughout the process. We value transparency to ensure all of our clients know exactly what to expect and are involved in any decisions or issues that may arise. Our team prides itself on producing a proven work product that relies on our fanatical attention to detail and data-driven results. This allows our work product to speak for itself, eliminating many carrier arguments from the beginning of the claim process to a quick and accurate settlement. 

C3 Group works on a contingency basis, meaning you pay us nothing if we do not recover insurance proceeds. Therefore, we are vested in resolving your claim ethically, properly, and promptly.


The insurance company has claim adjusters working for them.  It’s imperative to have someone representing your interests as well.  C3 Group welcomes the opportunity to review your claim as a courtesy at no cost to you.


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