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The process of filing an insurance claim can be daunting and overwhelming. Especially to those who have never before suffered major property damage. Our public insurance adjusters have years of experience in successfully advocating for policyholders. We will handle all the details that are involved in submitting your insurance claim, down to the final settlement with your insurance company. With our team of experts working for you, you can be confident that you will receive the full settlement that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.

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Learn how a Public Adjuster can help with your residential property damage claim.


Our Public Adjusters have years of experience in successfully handling complex, condo, townhouse, and apartment insurance claims.


Our Public Adjusters have helped many HOA’s and Associations from disasters of all types and sizes. Learn how we can help.

Commercial / Industrial

Commercial insurance claims are vastly different from any other insurance claims and that’s why you hire the best Public Adjusting Firm to represent you.


We help contractors get smaller claims fairly and accurately paid without having to use a Public Adjuster or go to litigation. Learn more.

Our Expertise

In addition to our Public Adjusting services, we can assist with consulting, appraisals and expert investigations.


We can provide expert photography, roof moisture surveys, reporting, reviews and evaluations for a variety of claim types and situations.


We have several appraisers that can be hired objectively, from contractors to other adjusters.


In some cases experts engineers, roofing specialists, mold experts and more may be needed on a claim. We can assist in providing experts for these types of investigation needs.

Forensic Engineering

The investigation of building materials and/or structures that fail or do not operate or function as intended after a covered cause of loss such as wind, hail, fire, and flood.

Are you looking for a Public Adjuster who can get the job done? Review our case studies which highlight just a few of the challenges that C3 Group has successfully guided our clients through. No matter the type of disaster, our adjusting services can meet your needs for a dedicated insurance claims adjuster working on your behalf.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Once again, I want to thank you for your persistence in managing our claim. We believe that this would not have been handled to our full satisfaction without your knowledge of dealing with the insurance system. You and your team have navigated through a treacherous process in a professional manner that resulted in a satisfactory solution that just would not have happened otherwise.

John & Huguette N.,

Hurricane Irma dealt us a serious blow last September.  Without Michael Lindhurst and the rest of the C3 team, we would have been at a significant loss in dealing with our insurer. The team’s expertise in properly identifying and documenting the extensive damages to our home was invaluable.   It took 7 months, a Civil Remedy Notice filing, and dogged follow up by C3 to finally receive a fair settlement from our insurer.  I am absolutely certain that without their expert representation we would not have achieved a fair outcome.  Thank you, Michael!  Thank you, C3 Adjusters!

Carl & Jan Smollinger,

Hurricane Irma caused major visible and latent damage to my house on Marco Island, which I initially estimated to be several hundred thousand dollars.  Not being a construction professional it was obvious that I needed someone to represent me in assessing and evaluating the cost to repair the damage and convey such to my insurance carrier.  C3 Adjusters was recommended by a friend.  An initial meeting with them and review of their overall approach convinced me to engage C3.  They promptly had their professional engineer and construction staff work out an assessment and generated a lengthy cost report complete with photographic evidence.  They discussed the report with my insurance carrier and negotiated with them over several months until a settlement was reached which was satisfactory to me and would allow repairing all damage.  I can unequivocally recommend C3 Adjustors for their professionalism and persistence in following through on my claim and especially the resulting settlement.

Hans Hoenig,

Several months later a roofer knocked on my door and later introduced me to C3 Group Public Adjusters. I could tell immediately that they were very knowledgeable with hail damage and they showed me many other things that were damaged by the storm that I hadn't even noticed. They found damage to my windows, gutters, deck, AC unit, fence, lights, and roof. It turned out that instead of the $0 in damage that my insurance company had "found", we ended up with a settlement of over $50,000! I cannot thank C3 Group enough for their representation of my family and our home during this loss. The time, energy, and dedication that was spent by your team could not be matched. If my home ever gets damaged again, my first call will be to C3 Group Public Adjusters instead of my insurance company. It would have been so much quicker!

S. Roy,
Highlands Ranch, CO

I wanted to thank C3 Group for the wonderful service on our hail damage claim to our home. I was so frustrated with our insurance company for failing to replace the roof on our house. All of our neighbors received settlements on their homes without problems. I am so glad that a friend of mine referred you guys to me. Without your accurate appraisal skills and experience in handling these type of problems we were powerless against the insurance company and we would have had to pay to replace our roof out of pocket. Our claim, after two adjusters, was around $14,000 and after your involvement was over $83,000! I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Vicki Simmons,
Parker, CO

Several months later, Matt with C3 Group inspected my home and said there was indeed hail damage and that he would represent me and my claim to the insurance carrier. Matt and C3 Group were subsequently able to get a very large payout settlement from my carrier, enough to replace the roof, the gutters, window screens and more! Matt and C3 Group made all the difference. Their work on my behalf produced positive results that far exceeded my expectations. I'd highly recommend C3 Group to any and all homeowners. They'll work for YOU!

C. Cave,

One day while working in the front yard, I was approached by a roofer inquiring about my roof and if I was I able to settle with my insurance company? I quickly answered NO and it has been the most frustrating process my wife and I ever experienced. He informed be about their referral to C3 Public Adjusters and how they would work with us and the insurance company to get our roof replaced. I also would not have to deal with the insurance company and C3 Group would represent us and ensure we get the proper claim as described in our policy. We of course were very skeptical and were tired of dealing with the whole claims process, but chose to hire them since they worked on a contingency. C3 Group walked through the process and advised we would most likely get our roof fully covered. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the whole process through C3 and R&R. End result: We were able to get 100% roof replacement, gutters and skylights covered. Our claim went from around $9,000 to over $35,000! If we ever have to deal with a claim again, I am going to partner with C3 Group in the future.

John R.,
Parker, CO

In April 2013 a general contractor who had been working in the area for some time called at the house and I explained the situation to him. He took a look at the roof and was convinced it needed replacement. He suggested bringing in Matt and C3 Group and we met a few days later. Matt explained the process in great detail and I felt confident I could rely on both C3 Group and the contractor. C3 took over 150 pictures of the damage to the roof, windows and fences and reopened the claim with the insurance company. They had a window contractor come out to check the windows and give them a quote. The insurance company still denied the evidence and, on the advice of C3, we invoked the appraisal clause of the policy. Matt was present when the 2 appraisers met and agreed with everything C3 had listed sans one window. Thanks to the dogged persistence of C3 and Matt in particular our insurance company settled the claim for over $36,000. I highly recommend using C3 Group Public Adjusters for any of these situations when challenging insurance companies.

D. Smith,
Parker, CO

I am a very busy professional and rarely give recommendations because I seldom run across examples of services I receive that are “above and beyond". Matt and C3 Group became involved in my roof replacement and immediately counseled me on how to approach my insurance company….he met with the adjuster to ensure the damage was understood and acknowledged then followed up with the insurance company to expedite the claim. When the insurance company quickly approved the claim then reneged, Matt quickly prepared an email response which left the company with no option but to validate the original approval. His interaction throughout the process has been exemplary - I highly recommend working with Matt and C3 Group Public Adjusters!!!

Sandi Cliver,
Parker, CO

After almost a year of dealing with our insurance company's continued denial that our roof was damaged by wind and hail, we were introduced to Mike at C3. Mike sat down and explained how they could assist us in getting the insurance company to pay for all of the damage to our property. The process was completely pain free. After getting Mike some information up-front, he took care of everything from re-opening my claim to scheduling inspections. A short time later, a check showed up in my mailbox from my insurance company and we could not be happier with the final settlement! I'd highly recommend hiring C3 for any type of property damage insurance claim.

Littleton, CO

Our home in Castle Rock was severally damaged in the June 2012 hail storm. My insurance company refused to pay for a new roof, paint, etc. all of which was obviously damaged. The insurance company had a ton of excuses, all of which, were unjustifiable. They sent out multiple adjusters and engineers to deny my damage. My neighbors all had new roofs and paint etc. and I did not think the insurance company was being honest. I could not afford to pay for a new roof and paint and I was frustrated. I was introduced to and contacted Matt with C3 Public Adjusters. He was incredibly responsive and professional and made the process easy. C3 Group was able to increase the insurance settlement 10 times the original amount and now I will be able to get a new roof, paint, gutters and more for my house- which is what insurance is for! Thank you Matt and C3 Group!

Castle Rock​, CO

My experience is much like all the others. I too was hit hard by the spring 2012 hailstorm. At first my insurance company was going to try to settle on a pittance, and they were going to try to put a mere band aid on the whole thing. I ended up needing the following repairs 1. new roof 2. entire house repainted/ they wanted to paint half 3.new garage doors/ they wanted to paint over the damage 4.new A/C unit/ they wanted to re fan an out dated model that could not be fixed 5. new screens 6. new deck/ they wanted to re stain the hail damage to trex deck Needless to say my insurance company fought every step on these items. But the C3 group more than came through. * it goes without saying, if you find yourself in this type of a situation, CALL C3!!!!

M. Ferguson,

I'm writing this testimonial because without the help of C3 Group my insurance claim would have never been paid. During our initial consultation Matt made me feel very at ease with the whole process. He was sensitive, thoughtful and detailed. The amount of time he spent with me during my free consultation was impressive. I received updates throughout the whole process so I knew where i stood the entire time. I would not hesitate to use C3 Group again should I need further assistance in the future.

Ted and Regina,
Centennial, CO

C3 Adjusters did a great job handling a recent claim made with my home insurance company. In short, they deliver, as evidenced in my situation, where the final claim value agreed to with the insurance company was nearly double the initial estimate. Having never filed a claim on a home before, I wanted to partner with an expert who could represent my interests with minimal involvement from my end AND get the results I expected. C3 Adjusters did just that in a professional way and very much engaged me in a way where we collectively partnered on how best to approach what can be a complex process. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and I've already recommended them to several other friends who are in needs of their services.

M. Taylor,
Centennial, CO

We own a home with a shake roof. It is often expected and known that these roofs require attention with repairs. Even with these repairs it is common place to pick up a shingle from time to time. Following a storm in June of 2012 I noticed I was picking up several shingles almost everyday. I went up there and checked the roof to see, it seemed very clear to me that this roof had been damaged. Well, let's face it, I am not the pro at this. Of course many roofing companies came to the neighborhood, all with intentions of getting the roof approved. As many of my neighbors were in the process of getting new shingles, I was getting turned down by insurance. I finally encountered a roofing company that stated there was a method to be represented. Along came Matt with C3. Matt and and the roofer explained the process to me. This process went just as they said and I now have received the reimbursement our house deserves with replaced shingles and 3 windows. While all of this was going on, our two young children became increasingly aware that our roof was not as "good" as it used to be. It is interesting to me that when they went to bed they started asking questions, "Is it going to fall on me?", "Dad, can the rain drip on me while I am sleeping?" The first question wasn't too tough to answer, however the second question, "ummmm....I don't think so". Great news! We now have a new roof! The kids have now returned to their normal trivial questions. A huge thanks to Matt and The C3 Group, It would not have happened without them.

James and Susie,
Highlands Ranch, CO

After being denied by my insurance carrier time and time again, by chance I was introduced to Matt at C3. Being in the construction industry I was very skeptical using an outside party to do what I thought I was qualified to do myself. Matt and his team worked with the insurance carrier and myself in the utmost professional manner as I continued to stay reluctant in the process. I had many concerns as to how the process was going and how things would turn out in the end. Matt again reassured me and communicated through the whole process. Finally the claim for a new roof was approved and to my surprise other work that was not noticed by me was also approved. In the end after all my skepticism and negativity the end result was exactly what Matt said it would be.

Tim G.,
Highlands Ranch, CO

We want to thank you so much for helping us with the hail damage insurance claim on our home. We were shocked when some of our neighbors let us know they were getting 5-15 times the settlements that our insurance company of 25 years was offering us. We had never heard of a public adjuster until one of our neighbors recommended you. From our first meeting with you, your professionalism, efficiency and expertise has been outstanding. We could not believe that your work resulted in a settlement of over $48,000 as compared to the initial offering of $3,000 by the insurance company (16 times!!!!!!!!!!!). We also appreciate you sharing your knowledge of upstanding contractors and alternative insurance carriers. We will highly recommend you to all our family, friends and neighbors.

Dave and Terry Morrell,

Our house sustained significant hail damage this past May (2014). We have cedar siding and our insurance company's adjuster maintained that the damage to our siding was "just part of the aging process for cedar." Our composite deck, roof, gutters, and windows were damaged as well. Our initial compensation was $5,000. Fortunately I ran into a family friend, David V; he looked at our house and immediately referred us to the C3 Group. We initially met with Andrew Behrens and then his brother, Matt, who is the vice president of the company. Matt sent professional, friendly and experienced experts to look at our roof, windows, cedar siding, and composite deck. He then met with the new adjuster and skillfully negotiated an incredible settlement. We were offered 17 times the original amount!! Both Matt and Andrew were professional, helpful, and true experts in their field. They were above board on all aspects of the experience which I greatly appreciated. Three months ago I didn't even know what a public adjuster was; now, I couldn't be more pleased with our experience with the C3 Group!! We are now able to make all the necessary repairs. We are so grateful, thank you Matt!

Martha and Walt Baker​,

Insurance companies have a bad rap for a reason. I filed a hail claim with American Family Insurance, and was awarded a little over $2000. Only $2000 to replace my entire roof!!! Kurt with C3 group came along, and did such a wonderful job handling my claim with my (previous) insurance company. American Family insurance said that because of depreciation, that was all they would pay. Kurt would not accept this, and worked tirelessly to get them to pay for an entire roof replacement. The adjuster for my (previous) insurance company continuously drug his feet, he would not respond to e-mails or phone calls, and did everything he could to drag out my claim for as long as possible. Well, he succeeded…and it took more than a year, but I finally got a new roof. If it weren't for Kurt, working as hard as he did…I would have had to pay 85% or more out of my own pocket to get my roof replaced. I cannot say enough good things about the C3 group…thank you so much!!!

Kelly Brunelli,
Centennial, CO

Our property suffered extensive hail damage August of 2013. Our insurer, State Farm Insurance, stated that we did not have enough damage for a claim even though the stone coating was displaced from our stone coated steel roof. We contacted a contractor who introduced us to C3. We are ever so thankful for his knowledge and persistence.

Andrew and Susan,
Littleton, CO

When our home suffered damage from a recent hail storm, we were given a minimal settlement that would cover the roof, repainting of the siding, gutters, etc., but no windows. After contacting C3 Group Public Adjusters, Matt Behrens reopened our case and got us an additional $55,000.00 to replace our damaged windows. Matt's attention to detail and constant communication made this painful experience into a painless experience. Next time we have an insurance claim, we will go straight to Matt for help from the beginning and have the peace of mind of knowing that C3 is on our side, working in our best interest. Thank you.

Hal and Sherry,
Parker, CO

We had gone through several hail storms and our insurance agent had come out to our house and said everything looked good and we needed no repairs. We had just purchased a home that had an existing wood shake roof and our insurance agent said we would only get depreciated cash value if there was hail storm damage. Well, like most Colorado summers, we had a hail storm that came through the neighborhood. I called my insurance agent who told me that if there was any damage, the replacement value would not be much more than my deductible. I called a roofer for a second opinion and he brought out C3. C3 said they would handle the insurance inspection and accompany the insurance adjuster on the walk through. I believe the insurance agent offered substantially more just because C3 attended with them. They offered $26k. C3 did their own estimate and negotiated with the insurance company for a final settlement agreement of $43K. I was very happy with the result.


Like everyone else in my area, in fall of 2013 we were hit with the large hail storm. My golfing partner is my insurance agent. I called him and he had me contact the insurance claims division. They could not be more friendly. The sent out an adjuster. This is where the friendship with my insurance company stopped. The friendly inspector did the old walk through, stating my roof looked good, gutters had a few dings and I had a few paint chips. Not really knowing the insurance business I excepted a check for about $1800. Then the roofing contractors began knocking. I let 2 of them look at my roof. Each of them told me the roof needed to be replaced. I called the insurance company and requested a second inspection. The next day the inspector arrived. He told me he had talked to the other inspector about the roof (so much for an independent review). He told me he was part of the national disaster team in from California. He was on the roof trying to make me believe he was really looking for damage. I asked him to look at the high area and he said the other inspector had looked at it and he did not want to get up on that high part of the roof, I then told him to get off my roof and leave my property. Knowing I was very upset and now trying to please me he said he could pay for 29 feet of roof cap ($450). I told him to leave. I called two contractors in the area known for their honesty and quality to give me a price. One of the contractors told me to call C3. I had never heard of this company. I called and C3 came out the next day. We talked about his service, I was skeptical, as I had just been taken to the cleaners by my insurance company and was having problems trusting anyone. I entered into a contract with C3 (THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE) in three months I had a check now for $32,000. I have a new roof, gutters and waiting for spring for my paint job. Don't waste time dealing with your insurance company call C3 Group!

J. Horrigan,
Ken Caryl Valley, CO

C3Group and Matt did an excellent job of working with our insurance company and handling our claim. After being told by our carrier that we didn't have enough damage to meet our deductible we were able to settle our claim for almost $80,000. Matt handled all the correspondence with the insurance company and their representatives. Having someone that knows the ins and out of the industry and what is and isn't covered is a huge plus. With C3Group handling our side of the transaction we will able to step back and let them handle the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a insurance claim.

Centennial, CO​

After being denied by my insurance carrier twice, I was introduced to Matt at C3 Group by a roofer working in our neighborhood. I was very skeptical at first, because I thought I would be able to make the insurance company do the right thing. Matt took his time and walked my wife and I through the entire process. He was able to answer all of our questions in a very transparent and professional manner, and did not sugar coat the fact that it might take some time to get final resolution. I am taking my time to write the C3 Group a recommendation because of what a great job Matt and his team delivering for me and my family, while keeping us informed throughout the entire process. Not only did we get our roof replaced (that was denied twice before), but we also received compensation for other damage the hail storm caused, including a complete paint job for the house and two decks, multiple windows and all of the gutters. Prior to C3 Group we received ZERO dollars on their first offer and nearly $70,000 when all said and done. Matt delivered everything he promised and then some. Be patient and trust the process!

Castle Rock, CO

C3 Adjusters did a marvelous job handling my claim with my home insurance company. Twice in the last 4 years I filed a claim for hail damage on my home. Both times my insurance adjuster came out and told me that the damage was below my deductible. All this while my neighbors were all getting their roofs replaced. I called in Matt and he got to work. It was a year-long process but well worth the wait after the $83,000 settlement. Not only is my roof being replaced, but most of the windows and my house will be repainted. I think my insurance company wishes they would have been honest from the beginning because all I would have gotten was a new roof instead of the virtually new house! Thanks Matt for your persistence and hard work!

P. Nemeth,
Centennial, CO

I want to thank Matt and his team for their support and success in pursuing a claim on insured property losses associated with hail damage to our HOA building complex in June, 2014. C3 Group's comprehensive investigation, documentation of losses, and advocacy in communication with our insurance carrier resulted in a total insurance payment which was 10x greater than the initial loss assessment of the insurance carrier's adjuster. We would strongly recommend Matt and his team as a public adjuster to anyone suffering an insured property loss to ensure insurance carrier proceeds are sufficient to repair or replace all affected components.

Bob H.,
Verdelais HOA - Denver, CO

C3 was recommended to us by a homeowner within the first few days after the storm. Matt and his team came out immediately to survey and document the damage. He sat with the Board of Directors and explained what C3 Group does and how the process will work including the process that the insurance company will go through. We were convinced from the first meeting that C3 was much more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle a claim this size than we were capable of. Bringing C3 in from the start we believe helped shorten the " negotiation period" with the insurance company. Matt attended every meeting and walk through with the insurance adjusters making sure they didn't miss any details. In addition Matt coordinated with our contractors to make sure the work and products that were used to repair our community were the quality that the insurance company covered. The repairs and restoration took months to complete and Matt was always available for questions no matter which phase we were in. The Board of Directors at the HOA are happy to provide this testimonial for C3 Group. They went above and beyond to provide us with excellent service.

Cherry Creek Terrace,
Englewood, CO

New Life Community Church utilized the services of C3 Group Public Adjusters (C3) during its recent major roofing project. Matt Behrens and all of the C3 staff provided excellent professional advice and service. With C3's assistance and negotiations with our insurance provider, we were able to increase our roof hail damage claim and reimbursement from about $60,000 to nearly $370,000, the latter amount being the proper amount. We would highly recommend C3 to any future clients. You will be greatly pleased with their expertise and their high standards of customer service delivery.

Gary and Ken,
New Life Community Church

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us with our roof damage hail claim. This was a very difficult process for us until we hired you to negotiate with our insurance company. We went from a settlement of only $25,000 to over $500,000! This would not have happened without you. The contractor is finishing the roof this week and we are extremely happy with the results. Again, thanks for your help and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who might need a public adjuster.

Tom Hardin,
The El Paso Club

Our condo association was faced with a challenging situation where our insurance provider wanted to severely under reimburse us for damages related to a hail storm. After a lot of research, recommendations, and word of mouth we decided to hire C3 Group Adjusters to help us settle our claim From the very first engagement, Matt was an amazing resource. He outlined a strategy, provided market analysis, and walked us through the claims process. His calm communication style, honesty, and transparency were strengths. He kept us up to date and was very concise in his claim evaluation. His analytical and strategic thinking skills were very much appreciated by our board of directors and led to a nearly 800% increase in our 7 figure claim. If you have a claim where you feel the insurance carrier is reneging on their obligation or under compensating you for damages, I would highly recommend contacting Matt and C3 Group. They are extremely helpful in assessment, negotiations, and obtaining positive outcomes. I highly recommend Matt and would be only too happy to work with him again!

Englewood, CO HOA Board Member

Thank you C3 Group! You have secured a settlement of almost $2mil for our HOA after or insurance provider only offered us $200k for extensive damage to roofs, siding, windows and A/C units. Please read the full testimonial from David Cohen HERE.

David Cohen,
Courtside at Araphoe Lakes HOA

Many people are absolutely lost and frustrated when dealing with an insurance company. No need! Matt and the C3 Group have the knowledge, and fortitude to get your property restored to previous value. You don't have to settle for less. Excellent communications, an eye toward "real" costs, and determination means you can relax. Call Matt you will be glad you did!

Dexter Brewer,
Your Management Solutions

C3 definitely was looking out for my best interests. After several meetings with my insurance company, an agreement on replacement costs was made. C3 quickly got my check from my insurance company and personally delivered it to me at work. Wow! He also researched roofing companies and made recommendations based on his experience. Thank you C3 Group!

John and Alicia,
Highlands Ranch, CO

C3 handled nearly all the interaction w/Nationwide. As a result, we got a settlement that reflected the true extent of the damage and we weren't caught up in a bunch of insurance company bureaucracy and red tape. Overall, C3 Group far exceeded our expectations.

Mike and Laura,
Parker, CO

Working with Mike from C3 Group made this process very quick and rewarding. Mike was key in negotiating with our insurance company and was able to increase our claim amount by 45% from the original offer. Mike was a true professional and was outstanding throughout the entire process. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend C3 Group.

James and Amy M.,

Next time we suffer an insurable loss to our home, C3 Group will be our first call, not the insurance company. We couldn't recommend anyone else this highly, GREAT job guys and thank you so much!

Greg and Cathy C,

After electing to go to the appraisal process, we met with Matt, who within days of dealing with the carrier's appraiser, had secured us a settlement of $13k from the carrier. We only wish we had known to bring in specialists like C3 earlier in the process.

Grant and Anita M​.,

C3 is extremely knowledgeable about construction and insurance rules/regulations, and will work hard to get the job done right!

Lachele P​.,

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