Minnesota experienced five days of hail damage in May 2022.


Minnesota found itself in the crosshairs of 4 days’ worth of hailstorms in early May of 2022. Starting May 9th, the southern part of the state was hit with storm after storm of up to 3-inch hail. 

On the 19th, the state saw a fifth significant severe weather day, with some areas seeing up to baseball size hail. Three of the state’s largest cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester, were impacted and sustained extensive property damage.


What Kind Of Damage Does Hail Cause?


Hail damage impacts building materials differently and it is important to have someone inspect the damage that understands and knows how to properly assess the specific material types on your property. For instance, the proper assessment of commercial building materials differs greatly from that of a residential building. So, if your property has been impacted by hail, it is crucial to ensure that your public adjuster, contractor, or adjuster specializes in your property type and/or materials. 


Should I File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage?

If hail hits your property, having a professional evaluate the damage is always a good idea. A proper inspection and damage assessment can help you determine when damage has occurred before filing a potentially frivolous claim. When filing your claim, you should have all the facts to present at the time of filing so that you are setting the appropriate expectations for your insurance carrier. In doing this, you are not only allowing them to assign the appropriate adjuster to your claim but also setting your claim up for success and an expedited process. Remember, it is your responsibility to prove your property sustained damage! 

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