Hiring a public adjuster can seem like you are giving up money and entrusting your reputation to another company. And as unpopular as this opinion may be, a public adjuster may not be necessary on all insurance claims. However, it may be necessary to work with an expert to ensure the claim puts its best foot forward when it comes to commercial and complex property loss claims.

Here are several reasons why working with the right public adjuster can ensure a proper settlement amount is reached:

Expertise and Experience: Public adjusters are trained and experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in the insurance industry and the claims process. Public Adjusters deeply understand policy language and can accurately interpret what the policy covers to ensure that the policyholder receives the compensation they are entitled.

Time and Resources: Commercial and complex claims can be time-consuming and require significant resources to manage, not to mention the various time-sensitive deadlines and claim requirements that must be met to receive a proper settlement. Public adjusters can help alleviate the burden by managing the claim on the policyholder’s behalf to allow the policyholder to focus on their business operations.

Reserve Setting: Having a complete and well-documented claim file in the hands of the insurance carrier as soon as possible can assist in setting an accurate claim reserve, significantly expediting the claims process.

Negotiation: Public adjusters work with the insurance company on the policyholder’s behalf to ensure all damaged property is accounted for and a fair settlement is agreed upon. They can also help resolve any disputes arising throughout the claims process.

Documentation: Public adjusters document losses thoroughly and accurately. They can help ensure the loss is identified, documented, and valued correctly to guarantee that the property damages are fully represented, and the policyholder is adequately indemnified.

Expedited Resolution: Public adjusters can help navigate a smooth claims process by working with the insurance company to resolve the claim as quickly as possible. This allows the policyholder to receive compensation promptly, which can be crucial in commercial and complex losses where time is of the essence.

Stronger Client Relationships: Recommending a service to a client, like those provided by an experienced public adjuster, can increase trust and provide an invaluable resource. Insurance claims are a complex and emotional process that often requires more tedious and time-consuming work than a contractor has time for. A public adjuster can provide an understanding of their claim and policy coverage giving clients peace of mind and confidence throughout a difficult process.

Overall, hiring a public adjuster ensures that the policyholder receives the assistance and communication they require, helps to alleviate the burden of managing a tedious process, and provides the proper compensation they are entitled. If you have a commercial and/or complex insurance claim, find a team to assist you with the process and ensure your claim is settled properly. 

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