Project Description

Smoky Hill United Methodist Church

Loss Details

A modern, contemporary church was hit by a hailstorm on 6.24.15. Damages to TPO flat and sloped shingle roofing systems, HVAC, EIFS (synthetic stucco), metals and signage throughout the property

Business Challenges

The church received a low- ball settlement offer that did not address all of the damages and challenges associated with returning the property to pre-loss condition. The church Treasurer was tasked with handling the claim, despite having no formal claims handling experience. The church’s contractor estimate the damages to be almost double what was originally offered. Additionally, the carrier was assessing a coinsurance penalty based on a flawed evaluation by the independent adjuster which resulted in the insured having a huge penalty and inflated deductible.


Upon completion of C3 Group’s investigation, it was determined the damages were in excess of $400k; a far cry from the carrier’s final offer of $186,757.16. After several months of negotiations and utilization of the appraisal process, C3 Group was able to secure a final settlement of $438,113.55. Additionally, the carrier agreed to recalculate their flawed valuation of the property, thus saving the insured tens-of-thousands of dollars in deductible costs – allowing them to perform much-needed repairs to the property which they otherwise would not have been able to afford.


By utilizing our highly-experienced investigations team and proven, dispute resolution methods, C3 Group’s Public Adjuster was able to increase the final settlement by $251,355.95.

Key Takeaways

Our public adjuster lived in the neighborhood and visited this church on several occasions. By building a relationship based on trust and professionalism, he was able to remove the burden of navigating this complex claim from the board and deliver a favorable settlement without the insured having to come out of pocket by hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in additional expense just to be returned to their pre-loss condition.