Project Description

Shadow Hills HOA is a smaller community with 8 multi-story buildings situated in Lakewood, CO. The property’s exterior consists of sloped, shingled roofs with rough-sawn painted cedar siding – all of which were affected by multiple storms.

Loss Details

The property originally sustained hail damage to the sloped roofs, soft metals and painted exteriors in June of 2012. C3 Group was hired by the board after initial offers from their insurance company were insufficient. C3 Group was able to negotiate a fair settlement with their initial carrier inclusive of all industry-standard items such as starter, ridge, supervision and overhead and profit, commonly referred to as O&P. Subsequently, the insured suffered another loss in July 2016, only a brief time post roofing their entire community. C3 was again retained to assist the insured with their loss. Because C3 actively monitors storm events, we were able to alert the property manager of the storm while the hail was still falling and were able to inspect the new damage the next day. This is a huge benefit to our clients.

Business Challenges

C3 met with the communities present insurance carrier to inspect the new damages. The carrier agreed to replace the roof and paint the exterior, virtually the exact scope of the previous settlement. However, their estimate was lacking all of the industry-standard items mentioned above. As a result, the new carrier’s estimate was only $262,981.83 which is LESS than the nearly $400k settlement from the prior storm! Additionally, a third storm impacted the property in May of 2017 and caused several hundred thousand in additional damages to the siding.


C3 Group, through the persistent and accurate representation of the facts, C3 Group succeeded in bringing the carrier up to a more reasonable offer.


As a result of C3 holding the carrier accountable, the insured will receive a settlement of over $600k and be able to repair all locations of the property!

Key Takeaways

Without C3 Group actively monitoring the property and alerting the property manager to the new damages, Shadow Hills HOA might never have known the roof was damaged again, and consequently, missed their window to file a claim. Additionally, had the HOA not re-hired C3 Group, they would have been out-of-pocket well into the six figures.