Multifamily Insurance Claims

Multifamily complexes include townhomes, rental apartments, condominiums, and cooperative apartments. Each of these complexes provide a simpler way to live, but when it comes to insurance claims, it’s not so simple. There are many moving parts that can be confusing and stressful.

When dealing with multifamily complexes you must consider the tenants, the loss of rent, relocating families, and keeping your business running. You will find yourself trying to navigate through a maze of complicated insurance claim processes. Many process including, but not limited to: business interruption, damage calculations, lengthy inspection, and possibility of being denied pay, delayed pay, or being under paid. It is essential to enlist the help of an expert who knows how to handle all potential problems that can occur when processing an insurance claim.

If you have questions, or are unsure as to whether you should accept the offer from your insurance company, contact C3 Group Public Adjusters today for a free claim review. Hiring C3 Group to assist with your claim helps level the playing field and ensure that your claim is paid fairly and the maximum settlement for your claim is paid.

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Hear from Aletha Zens, treasurer for Double Tree HOA in Colorado, on what her experience was like working with C3 Group Adjusters.

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