Project Description

Monitor Rockrimmon LLC is a strip-style shopping center consisting of (5) buildings with varying roof materials, located in the North of Colorado Springs.

Loss Details

The property was significantly impacted by a hailstorm occurring on 5/7/2015, sustaining damage to wood shake, asphalt, and modified roof systems, as well as to gutters, elevations and roof fixtures. Further, upon investigation it was found that leaks attributed to the storm were causing interior damage.

Business Challenges

One of the main challenges in this situation was setting expectations and executing to the expectations set, especially as the owner of the property lived in California. C3 was tasked with allocating resources, ensuring Joy Allison, the property manager was always able to address the concerns of the tenants, and C3 was able to coordinate multiple inspections over the course of the claim , while having as small an impact on the businesses residing there as possible. Additionally, this claim took 2.5 years to get a resolution, which meant preserving/maintaining the property during that time, and addressing the inevitable waves of questions that came as time went on.


Communication and effective planning, both with the insured and the carrier/carriers resources was critical with regard to this claim. Making sure everyone was kept up to speed and involved in what was going on seemed to be the most important aspect of moving this claim forward to resolution. Additionally, providing the resources, in this case a competent appraiser (from out of state) was the final piece of the puzzle.


C3 Group was able to secure a final settlement of $1,031.332.75 after the insured’s carrier first denied any damage, then offered $121,972.99.

Key Takeaways

Managing complex claims with unique materials and variables, including ownership, management, and retail tenants can be a daunting task for an insured unfamiliar with the claims environment and practices associated with it. It is far too easy for individuals who have signed on to an insurance policy to be underpaid in the event of a loss, as a simple product of their failure to understand how to apply their policy to a loss/not having the time to learn how.