Project Description

Lalique is a large, multi-family condo association with 14 total buildings and dozens of property owners, in a high scale property development in Naples, Florida. The COA was affected by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Damage was sustained to all buildings – primarily the roofs.

This COA received an initial offer from the carrier that reflected only minor repairs, none of which were even allowed by the local building department. Fortunately, they were referred to the experts at C3 Group who advocated for their rights and worked through the adjustment, engineering and appraisal process.

Loss Details

The COA was affected by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Damage was sustained to all buildings – primarily the roofs.

Business Challenges

The COA board and manager initially filed the claim on their own. The insurer initiated delay tactics, transferred the claim to several different adjusters and showed very little progress months after the claim was filed. The board brought in C3 Group to conduct an independent review of the damages. C3 Group took on all documentation, estimation and negotiations of the claim until a proper settlement was reached.


C3 Group accurately inspected every building, alongside the insurance company representatives, and made the carrier aware of the lack of replacement tiles that were available for repair. They also performed generally accepted engineering tests on the roofs, which demonstrated that there was much more damage than initially reported. Between the direct loss, consequential loss and application of local building codes, the roofs were eventually paid for complete replacement.


Due to the nature of the confidential settlement, we cannot specify the exact dollar figure of the loss. We can represent that it was millions of dollars higher than the carrier initially reserved for this loss. Through additional negotiations, C3 was able to get the depreciated value of the claim paid up front by the carrier, which allowed them to negotiate an even better deal with their local roofing company, for a complete replacement of the roofing system and deductible relief.

Key Takeaways

COA’s are almost always at a disadvantage without the proper knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance claims.

  • Navigating an insurance claim can be a complex and tedious process
  • Proper investigation is critical to receive a fair and honest settlement