Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Florida who have been affected by Hurricane Ian. If you are dealing with flood damage, here is some helpful information and resources that can offer assistance during this difficult time. 

Prepare Lists and Documentation

You must document all items damaged due to the flood water. Take photos or videos if you can to preserve the evidence. We know not everyone has power or the internet so if necessary, start documenting this on paper and you can later upload it online. 

The inventory list must contain the following: 

• Description of item(s) and quantity 

• Date and place of purchase 

• Approximate age 

• Brand name 

• Model number 

• Serial number (for large appliances) 

• Original purchase cost (with receipt, if possible) 

• The amount it will cost to replace at current pricing 

• Include purchase orders and inventory records when you are a business owner 

We understand you may not have all this information per each piece of inventory but do the best you can. A more detailed list will help solidify your claim. Do not discard anything until an adjuster sees it unless the item presents a health hazard. 

Advanced Payments

The National Flood Insurance Program may issue you an advance payment. This will not interfere with your claim. Do not sign a release in exchange for this. Your policy does not provide coverage for temporary living expenses or housing. Your flood policy only covers direct physical damage from flooding. 


Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

If you decide to hire C3 Group for help,  we will scope all structural damage and examine your property to put together a true cost estimate of the damages. We lean on the data to support your claim and negotiate your settlement. There are timeframes we must abide by as well!

With Hurricane Ian, the National Flood program has extended the timeframe to one year to file your proof of loss. C3 can assist you with submitting this document by putting an accurate value on your loss and helping to submit it in the allotted time. 

How to get started

Please go to www.IanReview.com and fill out the form. This form will ask for your contact, property, and policy information. After this is submitted, we will contact you and send you a contract via email. 

If you do not have internet access or power please call our office at 239-221-6371. 

Find out more information about how we can help with your Hurricane Ian insurance claim: Click Here