While there are many ways to determine/substantiate damage to metal roofs (AINS/AAMA/ASTM testing protocol for uplift from wind), sometimes when you are in the field you need a simple way to see if a metal building has been wind damaged.

So how exactly can you quickly identify wind damage to metal roofs? We asked Forensic Engineer, D. Kirk McCluckie to give us his “quick and dirty” way, and this is what he advised us to look for:

  • Check the main frame columns for plumb;
  • Check the roof and wall ‘X’ bracing (usually steel cables or flat straps) for sag;
  • Check door openings for square; and
  • Check metal roof panels for signs of lift near the ridge and/or eave strut.

The ‘X’ bracing is a great visual indicator if they are exposed and not covered by insulation. Usually found on every end wall bay or every 3rd or 5th interior bay (approximate). Not only should these cables/straps be in tension, but if they are loose, this is a good indicator the building has been displaced from its original placement. To re-tension the ‘X’ braces, you MUST remove all the roof and sidewall panels to properly square the building.

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