While tile isn’t the most popular roofing material in the state of Florida, it is more popular in the sunshine state than any other region of the country. One of the biggest reasons large apartment complexes, housing units and HOAs choose tile is due to its low maintenance and resistance to hurricane force winds.

While tile roofs provide many overall benefits, the biggest challenge with this type of roof system is inspecting it properly for signs of damage after a severe weather event – especially those associated with high winds. As the photos below show wind damage is not always as apparent as it is with other roof systems and careful attention must be paid to tile roof features to prevent possible future damage.

Tile Roof Wind Uplift Tests – Bonita Springs, FL

We had the opportunity to work with a large, multi-housing complex with concrete tile roofs in Bonita Springs, FL. As you can see in the photo below the roof visually appears to be intact. Without a proper inspection, hidden damage can go unchecked, leaving the roof system susceptible to failure and water intrusion.

During high wind events, the force can move and uplift tiles which is sometimes referred to as “chatter.” While they don’t crack or break, the roof system can still sustain damage that may require a full roof replacement.

Wind uplift can cause the mechanical fastener of field tile to break, leaving the remaining portion of screw thread imbedded in the wood sheathing. Even though this field tile appeared to be in place, the tile was no longer attached to sheathing.

Wind uplift to concrete field tiles can also cause abrasion and subsequent tear of the underlayment. This condition can lead to water intrusion.

Missing or damaged mechanical fasteners will eventually cause loose tiles. If left unchecked, this condition can make field tiles susceptible to dislodge entirely during future hurricane events.

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