Project Description

Ellas Sunburst LLC, Located in Denver, CO, is a business property ownership/management company.

Loss Details

A hailstorm damaged 2 tennant occupied buildings on 5/24/2016, Nationwide insurance performed their inspection and said that replacement of laminated shingles and minor repairs were necessary and set the Replacement Cost Value of the claim at $11,507.19. After withholding depreciation and the deductible, they cut the Ellas Sunburst LLC a check for $5,939.00.

Business Challenges

Ellas Sunburst LLC, was in the position of knowing more work needed to be done to repair all the hail damage, but did not know how much work was covered under his policy for the hail loss. On January 27th, 2017 Ellas Sunburst contracted with C3 Group to represent his property damage to Nationwide on his behalf.


C3 Group performed our hail damage investigation of the property and discovered there were many items overlooked or not fully addressed in Nationwide’s initial estimate. We worked with Ellas Sunburst’s preferred HVAC Contractor to set our determined amount of loss.

C3 Group Inc., performs our investigation and values the loss at an Replacement Cost Value of $89,901.95. This Value includes the repair/Replacement of HVAC Units, painting of the exterior, replacement of laminated shingles, and repairs to the flat roof.

C3 Group Inc., submits our detailed estimate with the insured’s HVAC Contractor’s bid to Nationwide and request a reinsertion. Nationwide assigns a field adjuster that C3 Group has worked with in the past, and after reviewing the photos attached to the estimate, he determines that there is no need for Nationwide to meet C3 for another site visit, as he was able to revise their estimate based off of our supplied photographs.

Nationwide did request an HVAC Adjuster perform a site visit to estimate the cost to repair/replace the hail damages HVAC units. C3 Group Inc. escorted the adjuster around the property, ensuring that he observed every bit of damage we identified to be hail related.


Through C3 Group Inc.’s detailed reporting of the observed hail damages and our working relationships with insurance carrier adjusters, we were able to get nationwide to assign a Replacement Cost Value of $82,960.80. This accounts for an increase $71,453.61 in the claim. C3 Group performed our inspection and had the claim settled within 45 days of our inspection.

Nationwide did not release the checks right away and C3 Group Inc. diligently followed up with Nationwide to ensure the funds were properly delivered.

Key Takeaways

C3 Group Inc. has a reputation within the insurance industry for our detailed and accurate reporting of insurance losses. Even though we did not agree 100% with Nationwide on the value of the claim, we were able to create significant change for our customer in a timely manner. We presented Nationwide’s revised estimate to Ellas Sunburst with options on how to proceed if tey wanted to pursue the remaining $6,941.15 on C3 Group Inc.’s estimate and it was decided that the additional time and claims expenses did not warrant continued pursuit of these funds by Ellas Sunburst.

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