Project Description

Dancing Willows HOA is a large, multi-family property with over 50 buildings and hundreds of individual unit owners.

Loss Details

The HOA incurred damages from a severe hail storm in May of 2014. Damages were sustained to all buildings – primarily roofing systems and lighting.

Business Challenges

The HOA board and property manager initially attempted to go it alone. The result was an initial offer from their carrier, after hiring an engineer who didn’t know the policy coverage, for a mere $54,814.28. This offer included minimal spot repairs to the shingles throughout the property. Not knowing where to turn they hired C3 Group.


C3 Group, through extensive policy review, an accurate investigation of every building, along with an in house engineer of their own, determined that all roofs throughout the property required complete replacement. C3 Group also identified additional damages missed or overlooked by the carrier’s adjuster and engineer during their hasty and incomplete inspections such as lighting, paint and screens.


C3 Group has combined industry experience of over 200 years. As is often the case, our public adjuster had worked with the carrier’s independent adjusting firm assigned to the re-inspection in the past and had developed a very good working relationship. As a result, C3 Group was able to convince the carrier to reverse their initial findings, disregard their engineer’s findings, and after only one re-inspection, received a settlement offer of over $1.8 Million in covered damages. Further negotiations resulted in yet another increase towards a final settlement of just under $2.0 Million.

Key Takeaways

This HOA received the all-too-common, ‘hurry-up’ offer in hopes they would simply accept the insurance company’s findings and walk away. Fortunately, they realized there are experts who advocate for insured’s rights and placed their trust in C3 Group. The result was one of the highest percentage turnarounds in recent memory.