Commercial flat roof components and damage assessment is a primary focus for C3 Group’s expert investigation’s team. Directors of investigations Luke Meyers and Sean O’Malley conducted a detailed presentation at the International Roofing Expo in 2022 on how to identify the components of a commercial flat roof and how to properly assess when they have been damaged. 

In this presentation you will learn: the importance of claim validation, discuss basic claim validation principles and methods, understand the attributes of a commercial roof system, introduction of multiple roof types and the process of assessing damage to them, substrates types and the process of assessing when they are damaged, and the review of case studies. 


Learn how to identify commercial flat roofing component and how to conduct proper damage assessment.

Corey Beach


In the industry when you're working with public adjusters, you're going to find guys that have a lot of knowledge... But having those guys also be able to keep up with their workload and still be reliable, that's bringing it.

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