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Commercial Business Owners

Settle your property claim with someone who stands for you

Reach the right settlement sooner with the transparency and accuracy of a trusted partner.

Consistent service.
Optimized for your industry.


Settling your claim with a pulse on your production forecasts, sales values, labor, overhead and damage to equipment and inventory.


Helping you reach the settlement that encompasses property damage as well as operating expenses and lost income.


Leading the way to recover what you lost, both in terms of property damage and income.

Why hire a public adjuster?

Your insurance TRANSLATOR

When your business comes to a halt because of a disaster, your focus should be on maintaining your operations and making recovery decisions. How can you know whether you should accept the offer from your insurance company? Who will advocate for you and your business? C3 Group is here to level the playing field with the insurance know-how you need that gets you back to business.


Our average claim size


Our average claim increase


Faster claim resolution*

*For claims handled by C3 Group prior to being filed.

**All numbers represent averages over the last three years.

Not the same-old settlement approach

You can’t trust a public adjuster. At least not one that tosses random numbers to the insurance company and drags out your claim in the process. We handle your claim with full transparency and accuracy from start to finish. *

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* C3 Group’s Public Adjusting services vary in Louisiana due to state law.