Project Description

Mindy and Chad own a single family residence in Golden CO that was damaged by hail on 9/29/2015.  Shelter Insurance inspected and released their estimate in under 2 weeks and valued their insurance claim at $2,231.07, leaving a payment of $717.74 after the deductible.

Mindy’s roofer requested C3 Group Inc. perform a free evaluation of the claim, and we discovered that the claim was being grossly underpaid.  C3 Group’s Evaluation of the claim yielded an estimate of repair at $45,378.77.

Mindy contracted with C3 Group on 11/30/2015, C3 Group met with Shelter Insurance and was able to come to an agreement on the scope of repair, including full replacement of the wood shake roof, Shelter agreed to pay $25,663.83.  After 4 months of negotiating pricing, Mindy elected to demand appraisal to set the amount of loss for her claim.  Just over 1 month later Mindy received an appraisal award for $41,491.33.

Appraisal is an option that most homeowners are unaware of, it is a legally binding arbitration.  In this case C3 Group was able to set the scope of repair but unable to come to an agreement on the price, this allowed our chosen appraiser the ability to represent the loss and substantiate the estimate.  This is just one of the reasons we were able to receive an appraisal award 5 weeks from submitting the appraisal demand letter.

Project Details