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Our values

Since the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to elevate the industry by doing what public adjusters were always meant to do. Having assistance navigating the process is invaluable, thats why we…

Put people first

Policyholders before profit. We partner with you and champion your cause.

Property damage insurance claim payment

Lean on data

We harness objective data with leading tech to find the true value of your claim.

Property damage insurance claim settlement

Do what’s right

We act with humility, value honesty and land on the right value by doing the right thing.

We Provide Our Clients With Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claim Help

Insurance claims are complicated, but doing what’s best for our clients is not. We started C3 Group because we knew there was a better way to settle property insurance claims. Where people come first, objective data matters, and doing the right thing is expected.

Meet our team

Matt Behrens


Helping people is my passion. From spending 12 years as a firefighter to now assisting property owners in property insurance settlements, adding value to the lives of others has always been the most important thing I can do. This attitude, and the culture it encourages throughout C3 Group, has helped us become the 214th fastest growing company in the entire United States.

Calvin White

Chief Operations Officer

Originally from the Killington, Vermont area where I spent the first 40 years of my life. I attended Castleton University, earning my BS in Marketing with a minor in Economics. After which I spent the next 20 years in the property management field, working my way up to Vice President of a large management and rental company. In 2010, my family and I chose to move to the Metro Denver Area, and I took over as GM of a large senior community. After a successful 10 years in Colorado, it was time for something new, and I made a move to NW Illinois to run a large lake community. A couple of years in, I came to the realization it was time for me to take a break from property management. I had been a client and friend of C3 for years, and when I saw they were hiring, I knew they were the type of company for which I wanted to work. In speaking with the owner Matt Behrens, I quickly saw our core values aligned, and the direction he wanted to take the company was something I could support and help him achieve. Now as COO of C3, I'm excited to be able to serve our clients, support our staff, and grow our company.

Taylor Bezek

Chief Sales Officer
National Sales Director

Prior to joining C3 Group, I worked for a construction company and was pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Denver. After seeing the good that C3 was doing for policyholders, I decided to get my public adjusters license and work with them. I am extremely proud to be part of the ongoing development and success of this company – and more importantly, the success of our clients.

C3 Group hire Chief Marketing Officer Will Midtbo

William Midtbo

Chief Marketing Officer

I am a polished marketer who has been building my expertise since 1999. Currently I serve as the CMO at C3 Group where I oversee our marketing and business development team. My role consists of being a liaison to the firm, making sure all of our clients are fully supported and nothing falls through the cracks. Prior to joining C3 Group, I worked for Merlin Law Group for almost a decade learning the ins and outs of property insurance coverage law. During this role, I worked with public adjusters, contractors, and property managers representing commercial, multi-family, and residential properties. Prior to my time at Merlin Law Group I worked with Schlesinger Law Offices where I oversaw their marketing strategies for first-party property, personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass torts. My career began working in multiple marketing roles before I started a boutique advertising agency in Orlando in which I later sold.

Luke Meyers

VP of Field Operations

After studying business and aeronautical science at Metropolitan State University, I worked for a municipal building department enforcing local codes and performing life safety inspections. I then spent a few years as a volunteer firefighter before becoming a full-time firefighter with the Town of Castle Rock. In 2015, I made the jump to a full-time position with C3 Group. As a firefighter, I enjoyed the opportunity to help people on their worst days – something that has carried over to my position with C3.

Sean O’Malley

VP of Internal Operations

Before joining C3 Group in 2016, I worked as an insurance adjuster for three major carriers in the Denver Metro area. Naturally, I was drawn to C3 as they genuinely care about their customers and truly value each and every employee’s opinion. Working for C3 has been extremely satisfying as I truly get to make a difference in people’s lives, as well as work in a collaborative environment.

Ryan Burley

VP of Public Adjusting

I have taken the core values of the Air Force, excellence in all we do, service before self, and integrity first, as the guiding principles both professionally and personally. This path culminated in my employment as a public adjuster beginning in 2016. I started working in small homeowner claims and gradually moved into larger structures maintaining the same mindset of serving those in need. I have a passion for my work as a public adjuster to serve my customers by not only working for their financial interests, but also their personal interests as the claims process can be filled with anxiety, stress, and feelings of uncertainty.

Lauren Roberts

Administrative Assistant

I graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Health Science. I was also a Division 1 athlete for the duration of my college experience, which taught me important qualities like discipline, leadership and adaptability. Prior to joining C3 Group, I started my career in insurance working with a public adjusting firm in Georgia in 2018. Helping policyholders through the claims process has been a natural and rewarding experience that I am excited to continue.

Yessie Mangan

Public Adjuster

I am a Bilingual Public Adjuster currently residing in Georgia. I have been adjusting claims since 2017 and enjoy helping policyholders through the claim process. Before adjusting, I worked in the medical field as an Administrative Services Manager for ten years. There my passion grew to assist those in stressful situations. When I became aware of what a Public Adjuster was, it was clear what my next career path would be. Once I was a licensed Public Adjuster, I became certified in IICRC, took estimating courses, and attended numerous seminars. I will continue to further my knowledge to assist policyholders to the best of my ability.

Brian Stiff

Public Adjuster

My journey to C3 Group started in the early 2000s when I met the company’s founder. Together, we ran a real estate company in Atlanta, GA for about eight years. My wife and I then moved to the beautiful country of Malawi, running a highly successful health and fitness company for 10 years. After having our children, we decided it was time to move back to the states, and this is when my career with C3 Group started. I have always had a passion for business and for helping people. This industry provides me with the ability to do both.

Olivia Irwin

Marketing Specialist

I started in the industry by working in customer service for a small public adjusting firm, assisting policyholders with the claim process. Helping people go through what is often one of the most challenging and stressful experiences they face brought out my passion for the industry. After two years with the firm, I was promoted to the marketing department, where I assisted in building their brand and online presence. Through marketing and building a digital footprint, I witnessed the impact C3 Group was having on the industry and its passion for doing what was right for policyholders. In 2021, I received the chance to become part of the C3 team, and I have been honored to be involved with this incredible team.

Ashley Roden

Sales Assistant

Several years ago, I began my career in the insurance industry at a public adjusting company located in Oklahoma. It was then that I discovered my passion for helping policyholders navigate the often complicated claims process. Afterward, I went on to run a supplement company that assisted numerous contractors in the Tulsa area. Eventually, I joined a roofing company in Oklahoma, where I continued to assist policyholders with their insurance claims. Looking back, I realize how rewarding it is to be able to help people through this process, and I wish I had discovered this passion sooner. I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to continue doing what I love at C3 Group, where I can assist policyholders nationwide.

Phillip Rozakis

Account Manager

A few of our success stories

Don’t take it from us, let our wins speak for themselves.

Hurricane damage – Naples, FL.

A multi-family condo association with 14 total damaged buildings. Prior to C3 Group’s involvement, the COA received an offer that only covered minor repairs months after filing the claim. The board and property manager was referred to C3 Group who was able to properly investigate the claim and negotiate a settlement that was millions of dollars higher than initially offered by the insurer. 

Hail damage – Colorado Springs, CO.

Rockrimmon is a strip-style shopping center with five buildings each with varying roof materials that sustained damage in a hailstorm. After the claim was denied by the insurance company, C3 Group was hired to assist in negotiating a proper settlement. Communication was critical due to the many tenants on the property that were affected. C3 group took over the communication and to ensure all parties were up to speed and successfully negotiated a settlement of $1,031,332.75.

Tornado Insurance claim settled

Tornado damage – Dallas, TX.

An EF3 tornado impacted 0ver 80,000 SF between two buildings of this private school. A settlement offer of $3M was initially made by the insurance company for the damages. As previous clients of C3 Group, the policyholders engaged them immediately to assist with the claim process. The property’s extensive damage caused a loss to the interior contents and ultimately required temporary structures for the school to remain operational. C3 Group was able to navigate the multifaceted loss and work with the insurance carrier’s experts to negotiate a final settlement of almost $6M. 


National property damage insurance claims

Commercial property insurance claim help nationwide.

Our insurance claim experts deliver people-centered service and property claim support in 34 states. *

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  • Georgia
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* C3 Group’s Public Adjusting services vary in Louisiana due to state law.

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