Many changes have been taking place at C3 Group as we work to better serve our customers and industry partners. One of the most notable changes we would like to share is the welcoming of a new CEO. We are excited about where these changes are leading us and believe they will allow us to serve our industry better with the same standard of service and professionalism the industry has come to expect from us. 

A Little About C3 Group

C3 Group Adjusters is a public adjusting firm based in Colorado since 2012. The founders of C3 saw a gap in the industry where most public adjusters were handling fire damage insurance claims, they were inspired to build a solution for policyholders struggling with wind and hail claims. They knew intimately the challenges of all parties on the policyholder side of the process and the specific damages and estimation requirements needed to complete the restoration of properties after a storm event. They took the opportunity to humbly serve the interests of policyholders by becoming a public adjusting firm founded on doing what was right. 

Very quickly, C3 became a dominant force for good and began working with dozens of incredible contractors and policyholders, to achieve incredible results. By 2015 C3 rapidly became the Inc. 5000’s, 214th fastest-growing company in North America, and repeated the list five times in six years. The footprint C3 left expanded quickly, along with the reputation and size of claims. The company worked its way up to $20M losses and handled some of Colorado’s largest HOA, Commercial, and Agricultural claims before expanding to Florida in 2017 and quickly to a national basis by 2018. 

C3 Group has now handled over $520 Million in insurance claims over the past 12 years. Our team members from the top down are committed to excellence and have an unwavering stance of doing it the right way, championing objective data, and creating results through action to help guide us as we heavily invest in building and maintaining relationships with those we work with and for. It is always our goal to put others ahead of ourselves. In reflection of the company’s achievements over the past 12 years, C3 has also recently begun to make many changes to highlight. Who better to share insight into those changes than C3 Group’s owner and founder, Matt Behrens.


 A Message From Matt

“Friends, Clients, & Industry Partners,

I have some news to share!!

C3 has been going through some exciting transformations this year. In August, we began a transition of my role as CEO. I am pleased to announce that Luke Meyers is the new CEO of C3. Luke has been with C3 since the early days. He is a true Visionary and forward thinker, always devoted to personal and professional growth. His abilities have become remarkably obvious, and his impact in and outside of our organization is widely felt. His hand has been on most of the education we provide and on the largest projects we have ever done, working his way up from scoping and estimation, to leading our Field Operations and now achieving the role of CEO. Luke leads with love and has the backing of a team of true professionals that has taken us years to put together. He also served with me in the fire department and cares a great deal about the culture of the organization.

I am excited for the face of a new leader in C3. One who can bring a fresh perspective and who excels at viewing the future through a lens of doing everything possible to add significant value to those we can impact and provide a superior service/experience for those we serve.

Luke and the entire team at C3 are completely focused on YOU. Education, Value, Collaboration, and having transformational conversations to create positive industry change. I have every bit of confidence in this team, and I am excited to partake in assisting them in every way possible. I now have the opportunity to do more of what I love through empowering the achievement of others and journeying alongside Luke and C3 to guide, advise, and support them. Serving these people has been and continues to be a blessing for me.”


Meet Our New CEO

Luke, as Matt stated, has been an integral part of C3 Group for 11 years. His contributions to not only our team but the industry as a whole have been a cornerstone on which we have built our foundation. Luke’s passion for people and vision for C3 Group are already making a significant impact on our team, and we are eager to see the benefits they will have on our clients and industry partners. 

Luke shared his excitement and gratitude in regards to his new position, 

“I am beyond thrilled to take on this new role, and I look forward to continuing to serve policyholders and our industry partners at the high level of excellence they have come to expect from C3 Group. I am so thankful for this opportunity and humbled by all of the support and encouragement I have received. Matt is a true servant leader and positively impacts people’s lives wherever he goes. I know he will continue to selflessly help others in his next chapter. I look forward to continuing the legacy he has built!”

If you are interested in hearing more about Luke and our other staff members, visit our About Us page.


How Do These Changes Impact C3 Group?

C3 Group makes it a priority to continually improve internally as well as consistently provide a service you can trust and rely on. As always, we will maintain our standards rooted in professionalism and integrity, but you can also look forward to more exciting things coming from our team soon. Please join us in congratulating Luke Meyers and thanking Matt Behrens for the incredible legacy he has built.

Our staff wants to hear from you about the struggles you are facing with the insurance claims process. If you would like to be a part of this discussion and help us continue to provide our clients and industry partners with a strong insurance claim resource, please fill out the form below, and one of our team members will reach out promptly.