After a hurricane, much work lies ahead for those who sustained damage. Filing insurance claims for major damage can be a full-time job because you must document every loss and negotiate a fair settlement. Omissions and missteps can mean a lower payout on your claim.

Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

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When you hire C3 Group you are hiring a team with a combined 150 years of experience. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to help policyholders with even the most complex claims.

Save Time

Our main focus when working with a policyholder is to ensure that every aspect of the claim is documented, filed, and paid correctly.

Get A Fair Payment

Using a public adjuster puts the power back into the hands of the insured. Don’t allow your insurance company to minimize and control your claim.

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When to Hire A Public Adjuster

Filing a large insurance claim requires more time and energy than most people realize. If you are frustrated with the claims process or not sure if you should accept your insurance company’s settlement, then you should request a free claim review to find out if a public adjuster can help.

What To Watch Out For

Inexperienced and out of town adjusters can cause claims to be severely unrepaid when damages are missed, as was seen with Hurricane Sandy claims back in 2012. After thousands of Sandy victims complained about poor adjusting, FEMA reopened 20,000 claims and found more than $390 million in unpaid damage. By utilizing a Public Adjuster, you can ensure that your claim is properly assessed, documented and filed for.

Sometimes insurance companies may attempt to pay you the right amount. However, because the adjuster does not get an accurate idea of the damage, you get less money than you should.

After a major loss event, like a hurricane, insurance companies are inundated with claims. With limited resources and time, insurance companies try to settle claims as quickly as possible. This can result in errors, missed damage and more. Hiring a Public Adjuster can prevent this from happening with your claim.

Insurance policies are confusing. Your coverage, or lack of, could be based on someone without the proper knowledge or training. This is why it is so important to get a second opinion! Be sure that you understand your policy completely if you believe that your insurance claim has been underpaid.

After filing a claim, most people just take what is offered to them. This initial payout amount is often much less than what the policy should have covered. In one study that analyzed hurricane claims filed from March 2008 to June 2009 and found that policyholders who used a Public Adjuster received a settlement 747% higher than those who didn’t

From Our Clients

C3Group and Matt did an excellent job of working with our insurance company and handling our claim. After being told by our carrier that we didn't have enough damage to meet our deductible we were able to settle our claim for almost $80,000. Matt handled all the correspondence with the insurance company and their representatives. Having someone that knows the ins and out of the industry and what is and isn't covered is a huge plus. With C3Group handling our side of the transaction we will able to step back and let them handle the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a insurance claim.

Centennial, CO​

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us with our roof damage hail claim. This was a very difficult process for us until we hired you to negotiate with our insurance company. We went from a settlement of only $25,000 to over $500,000! This would not have happened without you. The contractor is finishing the roof this week and we are extremely happy with the results. Again, thanks for your help and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who might need a public adjuster.

Tom Hardin,
The El Paso Club

Thank you C3 Group! You have secured a settlement of almost $2mil for our HOA after or insurance provider only offered us $200k for extensive damage to roofs, siding, windows and A/C units. Please read the full testimonial from David Cohen HERE.

David Cohen,
Courtside at Araphoe Lakes HOA

Many people are absolutely lost and frustrated when dealing with an insurance company. No need! Matt and the C3 Group have the knowledge, and fortitude to get your property restored to previous value. You don't have to settle for less. Excellent communications, an eye toward "real" costs, and determination means you can relax. Call Matt you will be glad you did!

Dexter Brewer,
Your Management Solutions

C3 is extremely knowledgeable about construction and insurance rules/regulations, and will work hard to get the job done right!

Lachele P​.,


We have a variety of resources available to help policyholders. If you have questions or are interested in learning how we can help with your property damage insurance claim, contact us today.

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