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3-Day Training

Commercial Flat Roof Damage Assessment Course

A course designed to teach you proper documentation, inspection and damage assessment of commercial low slope roofing systems.

3-Day Commercial Flat Roof Damage Assessment Course

November 8th – 10th 

This course is designed for restoration industry professionals of all experience levels to learn or advance their knowledge of proper documentation, inspection, and assessment of commercial low slope roofing systems.  

When dealing with commercial roofing from any aspect, it is important to understand the attributes that each component provides and what each component contributes to the overall performance of the roof as a whole. It is equally as important to know how to properly assess the impact of damage when it occurs to one or more components and how that impacts the overall serviceability of the system. 

Take a deep dive into commercial roofing with this 5-day detailed course on damage assessment, components, and code compliance of commercial flat roofing systems.   


Below you can find a breakdown of what you can expect to learn through this course each day.


Day one

1.1 Understand the importance of claim validation
1.2 Discuss basic claim validation principles and methods
1.3 Discuss tools of the trade
1.4 Understand the attributes of a commercial roof system
1.5 Introduce single-ply roof systems and damage assessment process
1.6 Discuss substrate damage assessment process
1.7 Review case studies

Day two

2.1 Introduce various roof coatings
2.2 Introduce built-up roof systems and damage assessment process
2.3 Introduce modified bitumen roof systems and damage assessment process
2.4 Discuss substrate damage assessment process
2.5 Introduce SPF roof systems and damage assessment process
2.6 Review case studies

Day three

3.1 Introduce taper systems
3.2 Discuss Energy Conservation Code requirements
3.3 Discuss Building and Existing Building Code requirements
3.4 Manufacturer requirements and other estimation considerations
3.5 Anomalies not associated with storm damage
3.6 Exam
3.7 Inspection of mock roof(s)

Meet the instructor

Andrew Behrens 

Disaster Forensics Group | VP of Operations

Andrew Behrens is a claims and estimation professional with a wide range of experience. He has assessed and estimated thousands of properties, including commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural. He has an extensive background in causation forensics, damage assessment, manufacturer specifications, code compliance, and estimation. Andrew is responsible for the development and management of DFG’s investigation staff and is one of approximately forty-six Xactimate Certified Trainers (XCT) within the United States and Canada. 

Disaster Forensics Group, LLC. (“DFG”) provides consulting and expert witness services to the construction and property insurance industries.

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